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The time has come to begin submitting work to EdSteps ( This is an innovative project of the Council of Chief State School Officers ( to build a new type of assessment system. One of the first areas they are tackling is “Global Competence.” The Global Competence workgroup has been meeting since February, 2009 to develop a definition of global competence and figure out the strategies for collecting and evaluating work submitted to the EdSteps website. EdSteps hopes to collect 5000 samples of work by November 1, 2010!

At the Global Competence Institute on August 11, 2010, we talked about the reasons for submitting work and the steps to take. They are pretty well outlined on the EdSteps website (, but it could still be a little intimidating. This EdSteps blog can serve as a forum to share questions and answers and to celebrate when our colleagues in Washington (and anywhere else in the U.S. or world) submit student (or professional) work.

So, now I’ll own up. The night before the Summit, I decided I’d better register and upload something myself.  So, I submitted an article I wrote for the WAFLT Forum last fall. Maybe a little later I’ll post it here so that people can analyze it a bit in relation to the Global Competence Matrix that was developed to be the evaluation guide (though not a rubric!). More on that in the next post.

– Michele Anciaux Aoki, OSPI World Languages Program Supervisor
and member of the EdSteps Global Competence Workgroup

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