The International Education Washington website was originally launched in 2003. In the next seven years, a lot of content was posted to it. Some of that content, while not current, might still be of interest to people researching the development of efforts in international education in Washington State.

The original site pages are still available for perusal:

  • About the Coalition – learn about the Washington State Coalition for International Education, its Projects, and its involvement with the National Coalition for International Education
  • Calendar – track dates of upcoming events across the state that support international education
  • News Room – find out what’s happening in the news, read Coalition Announcements, and access our Media Kit about international education
  • Resources – link to a wealth of resources for teachers, students, parents, and community, including our Expanding Chinese Language Capacity page
  • Summit – find out about International Education Summits sponsored by the Washington State Coalition for International Education in 2003, 2004, and 2006, including the PK-20 World Languages Summit held on November 6, 2008 and the 2010 Global Competence Institute

Additional Specialty Pages