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From Our Contacts and Others of Interest

Asia Society

Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs: Exchange Programs

  • From the US Department of State, a resource for U.S. citizens to connect easily, and socially, with the exchange programs and initiatives. They provide the forum for students to be able to find other potential, current, and former exchange program participants to discuss application processes, programs, and living abroad.

Free the Children

  • Resources, Curriculum and Lesson Plans Free the Children offers core educational resources that give students a comprehensive, critical understanding of local and global issues. Their curriculum starts in the classroom but reaches far beyond. Check out their range of materials, designed to help engage your students and take their understanding of world issues to the next level while covering curriculum touchstones.

Institute of International Education

  • Generation Study Abroad This website promotes US students to engage in study abroad and provides multiple resources to help.

World Affairs Council

  • Education without Borders: Featuring Asia Society Resources (2013) This packet, Education without Borders, includes an assortment of articles focusing on perspectives on the future of education in Asia and ways to develop a high quality teacher force at home and around the world.
  • Online Exchanges and Global Collaborations for Every Classroom (2012) With recent advances in technology, teachers now have a wide variety of options for creating global classroom connections. This packet represents an attempt to compile information and categorize options in order to make it easier for teachers to identify a program to try.


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