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Starter Kits for International Collaborative Projects

Welcome to this Curriculum Resource Page for the Washington State Coalition for International Education. We are grateful to the Asia Society for their support to help us bring these International Collaborative Project Templates, or "starter kits" to you with funding for the 2006 State Innovations Project from Longview Foundation and Asia Society.

In the following documents you will find resources to help you imagine and implement an online exchange integrating a curricular topic with one of the International Education and Resource Network ( collaborative projects.

The Basic starter kit contains helpful ideas and templates for all teachers. The additional starter kits are geared toward teachers of several subjects, as well as different age groups, but can be adapted easily to any interdisciplinary setting and grade level. Assessment ideas, including rubrics and Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs) are suggested where appropriate.

World language teaching and cross cultural sharing is a focus of this work, incorporating multiple perspectives and languages to deepen learning by engaging with a real audience of global peers.

We would like to thank the teachers and students who have shared their work with us. These project templates are a composite of work from several classrooms. More starter kits will follow in 2007 as teachers share with us their completed. A special thanks to Bridges to Understanding (  for collecting and formatting these kits."

Jennifer Geist
School Programs Manager
Bridges to Understanding

Starter Kits

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Download Curriculum Materials: Link to Resources on these websites:
Basic Starter Kit (PDF)  
A Day in the Life Kit (PDF) iEARN > One Day in the Life
Global Art Kit (PDF)

Align with World Language Standards (PDF)

iEARN > A Sense of Caring
One World Kit (PDF)

One World Project Plan (PDF)

Where's the Impact Teacher's Guide (PDF)

iEARN > One World Project

Facing the Future (free registration) >
   Download Watch Where You Step

Redefining Progress

Washington State Social Studies Classroom Based Assessments (OSPI)

  • Humans & the Environment (Middle School)
  • Humans & the Environment (High School) 
Cultural Recipe Book Kit (PDF) iEARN  > Food for Thought



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