International Education Washington

Summit Advisors for 2004

The following individuals have agreed to serve in the Summit Advisory Group for the P-20 International Education Summit planned for October 27, 2004 in Olympia.
  • Anand Yang, Ph.D., Director of the University of Washington Jackson School for International Studies
  • Bill Stafford, Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle
  • Burton (Bud) Bard, President, Seattle Sister Cities Association
  • Caleb Perkins, Supervisor for International Education and Social Studies, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • Carey Moore, Pacific Village Institute
  • Carolyn Tolas, Vice President, State Board of Education, member of 2003 State Team
  • Cheryl Allendoerfer, Program Manager, UW Educational Outreach
  • Chris Thompson, Executive Director, Academic Achievement and Accountability Commission, member of 2003 State Team
  • Cynthia Rekdal, Executive Director, WSAME, member of 2002 State Team
  • David Woodward, Executive Director, Associates in Cultural Exchange
  • Dee Dickinson, CEO, New Horizons for Learning
  • Diane Adachi, Special Assistant for International Affairs & Director, Office of International Affairs, University of Washington
  • Greg Tuke, Organizational Development Consultant, President of Global Classmates
  • James A. Banks, Ph.D., Russell F. Stark University Professor and Director of the Center for Multicultural Education at the University of Washington
  • Joan Yoshitomi, Special Assistant for Parent Partnerships, Office of Parent/Family Involvement, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction 
  • Karen Kodama, Principal, John Stanford International School, Seattle
  • Kristin Hayden, Executive Director, OneWorld Now!, member of 2003 State Team
  • Kristi Rennebohm Franz, Lead Teacher, International Education and Resource Network (iEARN)
  • Lili Hein, Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle, member of 2003 State Team
  • Loretta Ferguson, Instructor, Green River Community College
  • Maria Kesovija, Manager, Ethnic Heritage Council
  • Masaru Kibukawa, former Study Abroad Director, Seattle Community College District
  • Michael Herschensohn, Executive Director, Northwest Folklife
  • Michele Anciaux Aoki, Director of Educational Programs, World Affairs Council and member of 2002 and 2003 State Team
  • Myriam Met, Ph.D. Acting Director, National Foreign Language Center
  • Nancy Bacon, former Director of Educational Programs, World Affairs Council
  • Paul Aoki, Director of Language Learning Center, University of Washington
  • Sue Ranney, International Education Director, Hamilton International Middle School, Seattle
  • Toshi Moriguchi, CFO of Uwajimaya in Seattle
  • Walter Parker, Ph.D., Professor of Social Studies Education, UW College of Education
  • Will Linser, Teacher, Robinswood High School, member of 2002 State Team
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